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About Us

Keeping Montana’s Rivers Clean and Free-Flowing for People to Use

Montanans for Healthy Rivers works to keep western Montana’s rivers clean and free-flowing for future generations to enjoy. We are a coalition of Montanans – families, business owners, sportsmen, farmers, ranchers, agency officials, land trusts, and conservation organizations – who, like you, know that clean water and free-flowing rivers are important both for our economy and our way of life. We work to conserve our rivers for people, fish and wildlife, today and far into the future.

We are dedicated to listening to a broad cross-section of Montanans so that we can craft homegrown river protection measures that reflect the values of all Montanans. Montanans for Healthy Rivers has already solicited input from dozens of riverside landowners, business owners, recreation groups, tribes, watershed groups, conservation organizations, and state and federal agencies. Help us to keep Montana’s rivers the way that they are, for each of us to enjoy.

Montanans for Healthy Rivers is led by a steering committee of individuals from various conservation organizations that work for Montana’s rivers. The steering committee meets monthly to strategically plan and guide the coalition’s outreach and river advocacy efforts across the state. Any questions you have regarding these efforts can be directed to any one of the steering committee members.

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Eric Adams

Montana Flyfishing Guides, Owner
Livingston, MT

Joe Biby

River and Hunting Guide
Kalispell, MT

Scott Bosse

American Rivers
Steering Committee

Kevin Colburn

American Whitewater
Steering Committee

Darcy Cook

Granite Sports Medicine, Owner
Livingston, MT

Robin Cunningham

Fishing Outfitter Association of Montana
Bozeman, MT

Charles Drimal

Greater Yellowstone Coalition
Steering Committee

Becky Edwards

Montana Mountain Mamas
Bozeman, MT

Mike Fiebig

American Rivers
Steering Committee

Todd Frank

Trail Head, Owner
Missoula, MT

Kristin Gardner

Gallatin River Task Force
Big Sky, MT

Greg Haller

Pacific Rivers Council
Steering Committee

Will Hammerquist

Polebridge Mercantile, Owner
Polebridge, MT

Kascie Herron

American Rivers
Steering Committee

Hilary Hutcheson

Outside Media, Owner
Columbia Falls, MT

John Kober

Pacific Rivers Council
Steering Committee

Jessica Lucey

Great Northern Brewing, Manager
Whitefish, MT

Whitney Milhoan

Casting for Recovery, Executive Director
Bozeman, MT

Russell Parks

Missoulian Angler, Owner
Missoula, MT

Steve Platt

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers
Steering Committee

Paul Robertson

Lone Mountain Ranch, Manager
Big Sky, MT

Dale Sexton

Timber Trails, Owner
Livingston, MT

Robin Steinkraus

Flathead Lakers, Executive Director
Polson, MT

Rob & Robin Trotter

Yellowstone Raft Company, Owners
Gardiner, MT

Dan Vermillion

Sweetwater Travel, Owner
Livingston, MT