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Montana Headwaters Security Act

Made In Montana Draft Legislation for New Wild & Scenic River Designations

The Montana Headwaters Security Act is Draft Legislation for new Wild and Scenic river designations on some of the best rivers and streams on public lands in Montana! This draft legislation is the culmination of seven years of outreach to a broad cross-section of Montanans from across the state. During this time we have met with over 500 business owners, watershed groups, land trusts, recreation groups, riverside landowners, sportsmen, conservation organizations and other stakeholders. What we heard at those meetings mirrored what we learned in two bipartisan polls in 2013 and 2016 – Montanans love their rivers and want to see more of them protected using the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

The interactive map and table below contain the list of rivers that people like you have said they want to see protected for future generations. Over 1,000 businesses have endorsed the Montana Headwaters Security Act.

Click here to read the draft legislation.

The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act

The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act is the highest form of river protection in the United States. This landmark law is meant to ensure that the construction of new dams is balanced with the protection of select free-flowing rivers that possess nationally significant values. Less than 1 percent of our nation’s river miles are protected as Wild and Scenic. Though neighboring states such as Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah have designated hundreds of miles of new Wild and Scenic rivers in the past decade, Montana has only protected one creek under the Act since 1976.

Download FAQs about the WSRA

Download a Copy of the WSRA

Rivers Proposed for Wild and Scenic Designation in Montana

Mouse over a river for its name; click on a river for more information and a photo. For a complete list of rivers in table format, please click HERE.

Add Your Endorsement

Thank you to the individuals, businesses, and groups that have endorsed our Draft Citizen’s Proposal for new Wild and Scenic Rivers in Western Montana! If you like what you see and want to see these streams protected for future generations, please add your endorsement.

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