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Conserving Our Rivers
and Way of Life


A Legacy of Rivers

It is no exaggeration to call rivers the lifeblood of Montana. They provide us with drinking water, irrigation water, water for industry, and boundless recreational opportunities. The history of Montana is the history of its rivers, and so will be its future.

Clean water and healthy rivers drive our economy. And rivers are the heart of Montana’s outdoor way of life. Our river corridors support a rich community of fish, birds and wildlife, more diverse and vibrant than any ecosystem in the state.

Montana’s rivers are famous the world over for their thriving wild trout fisheries, their thrilling whitewater recreation, and their clean, clear water. Montana still has what the rest of the country wants – plentiful clean water and free-flowing streams.

Montana’s rivers are critical to both our state’s prosperity and our unmatched way of life. Montanans know how to take care of our rivers, but they are facing unprecedented threats from out-of-state interests. Already, there are plans for hydropower projects, pipelines, and oil and gas drilling in some of our most treasured headwaters – development that, if done wrong, would forever harm anglers, boaters, irrigators and communities miles downstream.

Montanans need to plan ahead for healthy rivers as we grow our economy and develop our natural resources. We do not want Montana to become like other arid, western states where many of their once-great rivers are piped and diverted out-of-state.

Montanans for Healthy Rivers is a coalition of citizens, sportsmen, businesses and conservationists working to conserve the last, best free-flowing rivers in western Montana – to keep Montana the way it is for future generations. We need your help and input to accomplish these goals.

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River News

Montana’s Rivers Deserve More Protection

December 4, 2014
Brett French Billings Gazette - November 30, 2014 Montana is a river state. Just think of the iconic waters that are nationally and internationally known: the Madison, Yellowstone, Missouri and Gallatin; the Bighole, Bighorn, Blackfoot and Flathead. “We think Montanans …
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Seasonal River Photo Contest

As Montanans we don’t let the cold keep us locked inside! We find lots of ways to recreate on or along our favorite rivers, whether fishing, hunting, skiing, snowshoeing, you name it. Help us celebrate the season by sharing your best photos of fall and winter river scenes and activities for a chance to win awesome prizes!

First Place: Smith Optics Chroma Pop Sunglasses with Tortoise frames ($80 Value)

Second Place: Patagonia Tote bag ($60 Value)

Third Place: “Anglers Gift Bag” includes the DVD “Connect” from Confluence films, a Kleen Kanteen water bottle, and a box of dry flies from our friends at the Missoulian Angler.

Enter through our Facebook Page or by Emailing us directly by December 17, 2014 at Midnight.